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Good luck to our High School Girls and Boys Cross Country teams as they head to the State meet tomorrow (November 1) morning at Michigan International Speedway!á The boys will run at 10:30 a.m. and the girls will run at 11:30 a.m.á Congratulations on a great season and best of luck in your final run this year!
Mrs. Miller's Homepage
Instructor: Heidi Miller   

I am excited to be the Literacy Coach here at Madison Elementary!  In my role as a Literacy Specialist, I work with students by providing intensive reading support for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.  My day is also spent working with Team Time Leaders, Classroom Teachers, Student Interventions along with working with our school data.  When I am not at school, you can find me with my amazing, supportive husband and our three children who keep us both extremely busy. As I work with the children at Madison Elementary, I see them as my own and I am excited about the possibilities that lie before them.  They are amazing and I look forward to a great year as we prepare them to be our future Leaders.

Title 1, Response to Intervention (RtI) Multi-Tiered Spport System

Our mission at Madison School District is to provide an effective education for all children. We understand that students do not come to us as ‘one size fits all’ learners, and have different learning styles and rates. In 2008-2009 at Madison, we began implementing a Multi-Tiered Support System, otherwise known as the Response to Intervention model in kindergarten through fifth grade to give all students the opportunity to make adequate gains in reading. In order to support all students in a given school we will be using Team Time groups in addition to the regular literacy instruction happening in the classroom. All students will be put into groups based on skill level in order to meet their reading needs. Our Team Time groups will meet two to four times per week for 30 minutes per day. These groups will be closely monitored and regrouped if necessary every 6-8 weeks based on students’ changing needs. 

What is Team Time?

Team Time is Madison Elementary's structured mentoring tutorial program (for enrichment and reinforcement) which provides students in Kindergarten through fifth grade with additional strategy instruction and practice.  All Madison students will be included in Team Time 1st- 5th grades.  Students will meet in small groups two to four times a week for thirty minutes with classroom teachers and Team Time Leaders.  Children in Kindergarten are selected by their classrooms teachers using data and recommended to STARS where they will receive additional reading support.

How are students chosen for Team Time Groups and STARS? 

Students are grouped by teachers and a team analyzing the results of our universal screening data which is collected three times throughout the school year. When a child is placed in their groups, more reading data may be collected to see if the child would benefit from a specific group. 

Who will be teaching my child? 

One Literacy Specialist, nine interventionalist (Team Time Leaders/STARS cordinators) who are highly qualified with each Reading or Math activity.  We also have 42  mentors that assist with our Kindergarten Team Time, STARS.  Students work one on one with a trained mentor from our community.   

                               Madison Elementary K-5 Team Time Interventionalist and STARS Cordinator

                                         Mrs. Betz                 Mrs. Deatrick
                                         Mrs. Nitchman          Mrs. Pena             
                                         Mrs. Powers             Mrs. Graham
                                         Ms. Woods              Mrs. Villerot
                                         Mrs. Miller                Mrs. Wilson         
                                          AND your child's dedicated Classroom Teacher

How Do I select a book for my child?

First, help your young reader select a book that is of interest to them.

Second, select a book that is at the readers independent reading level. Books that children can read independently are often referred to as "Just Right" books.  A "Just Right" book is a book where the content is understood and there are few unknown words or errors while reading the text.  The reader is reading effortlessly.

The Five-Finger Technique is a simple method to help select a "Just Right" book. Choose a page and have the reader read it to you.  Count the number of errors made in a minute of reading.  If there are more than five errors while reading, the book is too difficult for independent reading.

If your young reader has selected the wrong level with it being either to simple or to difficult the selection may still be enjoyed. For an easy selection, have your young reader choose a passage from the book and record them as they read. This will help to build fluency, automaticity and confidence.  If the book is to difficult it may be  read aloud.  Talking about the pictures, retelling of the events and relating the story to the reader are great ways to comprehend what was read.

If you have a reluctant reader, try alternating sentences, paragraphs, or pages as you read together. When they are spending more time decoding the words and stumbling through the text, comprehension is lost. Remember to encourage and model reading for your aspiring reader! 

                Ten Ways to Become a Better Reader:
                              READ!        READ!
        READ!        READ!
                              READ!        READ!
                 READ!    READ!   READ!   READ!!!

                               and READ some more!
K-5 Literacy Annoucements
Parent Teacher Conferences
We are gearing up for our Parent Teacher conferences and reviewing student data.  During this time we have many children that are growing as readers!!  As children become more confident readers, current instruction in Team Time, STARS and their classroom may need to be adjusted to best meet their needs.  We are carefully reviewing all of our most recent data points to make sure that we have the children placed in the most appropriate Team Time group. If you have further questions, be sure to ask your classroom teacher or feel free to call me and I will get back with you as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your continued support!

Madison School District • 3498 Treat Hwy Adrian, MI 49221 • Phone: (517) 263-0741

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